Maximize Value

HOW TO MAXIMIZE THE VALUE OF YOUR HOME All sellers want the highest possible price for their property, but they don’t often get it. We will show you our effective approach to receiving that price. Our knowhow and years of experience will benefit you by making a complicated undertaking into a simple process. We begin with a practical mindset. What will be the return on your investment in terms of time, money, and effort? If your plan makes sense, do it—if not, forget about it. For example, you may wonder if refinishing the hardwood floors or painting the house will increase your profit. These are reasonable considerations. After asking yourself, “what will it cost, how long will it take, and how much effort is involved?” you can make more informed decisions. We all have varying degrees of available resources. Once you pinpoint the things that would spruce up your home without breaking the bank—such as tossing items or putting them in storage, painting, deep cleaning, making minor repairs, getting estimates for leaky roofs, and more—it will be much easier for you to decide what to do before you put your home on the market. We will be with you every step of the way—including making timelines and helping you find recommended resources.

PHOTOS ON THE WEB—YOUR FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT OPPORTUNITY TO GET A BUYER’S ATTENTION Yes, pictures are worth a thousand words. When your home is presented beautifully for the entire world to see, thanks to the Internet, the results are magical. Our ability to count website ‘hits’ will show you the importance of the Internet’s role in attracting buyers toyour property.

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HANDLING BUYER REQUESTS FOR A DISCLOSURE PACKET The disclosure packet, a series of documents required to be filled out by the sellers to give to the buyers includes questions about the condition of the property and the neighborhood, and the status of city ordinances and permits. Generally, the packet includes a pest control inspection and a home inspection. The more efficient and thorough a job of getting this information to the buyer, the more confident and committed the buyer will be when making you an offer.

VIEWING THE PROPERTY If prospective buyers like your online presentation, their next step is to actually visit the property. And, if that property looks just as good (or better!) in person, you will have succeeded in reaching your audience and maintaining their interest. One of your agent’s many roles is to put people at ease. If the agent is straightforward and answers all questions clearly, buyers will come away enthusiastic because they will have a coherent understanding of the features of the property and of the surrounding neighborhood.

TIME TO MAKE AN OFFER Whichever agent the buyer decides to hire, the same questions inevitably come up: How and when do I submit an offer? Is there a specific offer date? How long will it take for the owner to respond? Are there any other offers? The agent’s job is to help both buyer and seller have a mutually satisfactory outcome.

STRONG NEGOTIATIONS For you, the seller, to be in a strong position to negotiate a deal, you need to do some homework. Know ‘the market’, that is, what’s selling in the city and in your neighborhood You will want to take a close look at how much competition there is, what prices other sellers are asking, and what other buyers are willing to pay. Talk through your plan with your agent. When trust among all the decision makers is evident and there is agreement on how to proceed, the path is clear. This essential level of trust may take some time to develop, but it is time well spent. When buyers are interested in your home, you will be prepared and confident in your asking price and in a strong position.

SOLUTIONS FOR KEEPING ESCROW ON TRACK Once your house is in escrow, there is still more planning and making sure all important details are taken care of. Paperwork, loan approval, contingency removals, utility changeovers, signing appointments, key delivery, are among the many items that need to be taken care of before escrow closes. Real estate transactions can truly run smoothly if we know where to look for solutions. When you and your agent put your heads together and talk things through, the right courses of action will become apparent. Our company finds comfort in knowing that, using our vast and varied experiences, our superb track record, and our willingness to put in the time and effort needed, we get great results.